Entire Welsh population heads to Tenby for hollybobs

The entire Welsh nation has descended on Tenby after being freed from the shackles of lockdown.

4 billion people have poured into the small Welsh town, leaving some residents wondering if they’re going to run out of bread.

One resident told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had a wonderful year without any of the tourists around. We’ve been able to go around doing exactly as we please. But now that restrictions have been lifted a little, it feels like the whole world has come to Tenby. My mate’s got a cottage down near the beach and I know that he’s got 400 people staying in it. Another friend of mine has a small B&B and she’s got 3,000 people staying in her two-bedroomed apartment. I’m looking forward to winter when everyone can bugger off, or better still, another lockdown so that I can go to Kwik Save and get myself some bread without worrying that it’s all gone.”

Tenby is a popular destination for holiday-goers and was once named ‘The Best Place To Go In Pembrokeshire Beginning With The Letter T’.

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