English Hospitals Overwhelmed with ‘Chariots In Rectum’ Cases

English hospitals have been overwhelmed with rugby fans needing chariots removed from their rectums.

It follows last night’s game where Wales stuffed England in their own back yard.

Surgeon Dr FeelGood told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had an unprecedented number of people in A&E with chariots stuck up their arses. We’ve had to call in backup to deal with the problem but I think with a bit of Vaseline and some elbow grease, we’ll be ok. I didn’t watch the game last night but I hear it was a blinder.”

English fans have been queueing all night to have chariots removed. One fan said:

“Golly gawsh. Those Welsh chaps didn’t lie down did they? After all the bad luck they’ve had, they just did not stop. Fair play to the cheps.”

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