English family spend four hours looking for Traeth Beach

A family from England has spent four hours looking for Traeth Beach.

The Smythe-Peacock family from Henley-on-Thames never found the beach so went back to their caravan to play I Spy.

Dad Tarquin-Smythe Peacock told WalesOnCraic:

“We were out driving around looking for somewhere to go and we saw a sign for Traeth Beach. We found a beach but when we asked if it was Traeth Beach, the dopey guy said he didn’t have a clue. We drove around for another four hours looking for the bloody thing but we never found it. We decided to head back to our shitty caravan and played I Spy for the rest of the day. I won every time because I’m a shit dad and never allow my children to win at anything. We looked on the map for Traeth Beach and still can’t figure out where it is.

“We won’t be doing a caravan holiday this year. We drove past this lovely looking place called Gwesty Hotel so we’ll look that up online.”

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