Eclipse Proves That Most Things In Life Are A Let Down When You See Them In Real Life

Today’s eclipse has proved that most things in life are an anti-climax when you get to see them in real life, according to most people in Wales this afternoon.

As billions of people headed outside to see things go slightly darker, it dawned on most viewers that partial eclipses is as exciting as watching grass grow.

“I was bored shitless.” said Stephen Dipshit from Merthyr. “I was stood outside my house for three hours expecting something to happen. It went a little bit dark at half nine but after that, I gave up and went inside to watch Jeremy Kyle which was far more interesting.”

“Christ, I took the morning of work for that?” added Julie FatArse. “I had the same feeling after I’d flown all the way to New York to see the Statue of Liberty -I could have fitted that pile of shite in my back garden. It was same feeling today. It all looks good on telly but when it happens in real life, it was just shit.”

Workers at call centres across Wales weren’t allowed outside to see the sky getting slightly darker because their jobs are very important.

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