‘Cwtchers struggling’ with lockdown says Government thinktank


Cwtchers across Wales are struggling more than most with the current lockdown, a Government thinktank has reported.

Cwtchers have been unable to cwtch for nearly a month now, leaving many grumbly and snarky and eating themselves out of house and home.

Rachel Cosytoes, part of the Government’s thinktank strategy group, told WalesOnCraic:

“Cwtchers across Wales are really struggling with this lockdown. We’ve spoken to many who say that they are really missing their cwtches and are comparing it to losing their right arm. With the current lockdown restrictions in place, many are resorting to cuddling anything they can get their hands on. People have told us that they are desperate to hug their friends and loved ones but they are worried that they’ll pass something on. Facetiming is all well and good but people are really missing that cwtch effect. The one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We’d like to call on this government to let us know when we can start cwtching again.”

Cwtcher Anne-Marie said that she’s resorted to cwtching her husband:

“I don’t normally cuddle the bastard but he’s the only one with a pulse in my house right now so he’ll have to do until I can get my hands on some real friends.”

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