Joe Exotic to reopen Penscynor Wildlife Park ‘when he gets out’


Former zoo operator Joe Exotic is planning to reopen Penscynor Wildlife Park when he is released from prison.

The internet celebrity and convicted felon has said that the park is the perfect place to open a tiger park.

Speaking from jail, he told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been told that Pensycnor Wildlife Park holds a lot of good memories for the people of South Wales and it’d be good to reopen the park and to make some money off that. I’d be in charge obviously, and everyone would come to see me because I’m the star of the show. I’ll get a few tigers in and I’ll get some local guys in to look after them. Hopefully they won’t have their arms ripped off. My only worry is that Carole Baskin will get involved somewhere along the line so I’ll need to make sure that she’s out of the picture. It’ll be great.”

Penscynor Wildlife Park closed its doors in 1998 because it was shit. It was home to many animals that didn’t want to be there.

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