Coffee shops to receive training on how to write Welsh names correctly

Coffee shops across Wales are to receive training on how to spell Welsh names correctly.

At present, coffee shop staff just write any old shit on the side of takeaway coffees.

Anne Harrod, spokeswoman for the Association of Coffee Shops And Stuff told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve become aware of the problem over the last few years. Some of our staff are unfamiliar with some of your wonderful Welsh names so our staff just write what they think they heard. We need to let them know that there is no shame in asking them to spell out the names. We’ve still got 2,000 cups of unclaimed coffee waiting at some of our shops. We’ve asked some people to come in to give our staff some training. They’ll also be teaching them how to smile and be polite too.”

Glyn Guttermouth of the Welsh Names Federation said:

“I’ve been called all sorts over the last few years. Mostly arsehole though.”

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