Cat that looks like Deirdre Barlow found in Splott

A cat that looks like the late Deidre Barlow has been found wandering the streets in Cardiff.

The female cat, who wears glasses and smokes Benson & Hedges, was discovered outside the Splott Conservative Club.

The lady who found her, Sally Backtits, told WalesOnCraic:

“I was just coming back from the Post Office when I heard this high-pitched voice saying ‘Oh Ken’. My husband’s called Ken so obviously, I turned around. When I looked, there was this cat sat there, puffing on a fag. I was so disturbed that I slightly soiled my underwear – and I’d only just put them on special that morning.”

Sally then called the RAC, who told her that she should have called the RSPCA.

“I phoned the RAC but the lady told me that they only fix cars and as the cat didn’t seem to be driving a vehicle, I then phoned the RSPCA. They came out, took one look at the cat and then ran off with it.” she said.

Police arrested her later for talking bollocks.

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