Welsh Assembly To Tax Fairy Dust After Valleys Women Found It Illegally Fueling Their Cars

The Welsh Assembly Government has announced that it is to tax fairy dust after it was discovered that some mothers in the South Wales valleys are using it to illegally fuel their cars.

Assembly  spokesperson Max Poshnob, made the announcement during a visit to a car factory somewhere in Neath.

“We want to make it very clear that powering your car by fairy dust will attract fuel duty in exactly the same way that other road users have to contribute to. We’ve all heard the horror stories of lads running their cars on cooking oil and ending up looking like a giant chip, and we want to stop these women turning into some sort of Mavis Cruet lookalike.”

Fairy dust has been the choice fuel for some mothers feeling the pinch after government cuts. One mother, Glenda Wideflange said:

“Who does Carwyn Jones and his mates think they are? They drive around in their big posh cars, not even thinking about how the common people like us can get around. Ed Miliband can go finger himself too.”

But Poshnob reacted to claims that the Government are picking on the poorest in society by telling the press:

“These women flagrantly avoid paying fuel duty by using fairy dust. Some of them even have the gall to announce it by sticking stickers on their cars saying so. I’m not having it. Glenda Wideflange can go frig herself.”

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