Barry’s bad smell problem linked to ‘dodgy pint and kebab’

Barry’s lingering bad smell problem has potentially been linked to a dodgy pint and kebab on Broad Street.

Reveller Gary SixBellies says that he’d felt queasy after downing 17 pints at the Sir Samuel Romilly pub a few nights ago.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“After 17 pints, I was getting a bit hungry so I went and got myself a bad boy kebab. At the time, it tasted amazing but when I woke up the next afternoon, my room was stinking. Bits of the kebab were on the floor and they looked like they had some kind dirt on them. I couldn’t breathe so had to open the window. Not long after that, people in my street were complaining of the smell and then the rest of the town were too. If it was my fault, please accept my apologies. I think I may have had a dodgy pint somewhere along the line and the kebab didn’t help.”

Residents have been complaining that there’s a smell of hot arsehole hanging over the town for days.

One resident said:

“It reminds me of a boyfriend I had once. He never used to wash and I once went down on him and vommed. That was the end of the relationship.”

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