Americans to stop calling Welsh cakes ‘part of England cakes’

Citizens of the United States are to finally stop calling Welsh cakes ‘Part of England Cakes’.

For many Americans, who are vaguely aware of a world outside of their borders, Welsh cakes have always been known as Part of England cakes.

Under new guidelines however, they will now be known by their original names – Welsh cakes.

American spokesman Buck Smith told WalesOnCraic:

“Sure, we know your cakes. They’re those rootin-tootin round son-of-a-bitches with the rootin-tootin sultanas in them aren’t they? We’ve known them over here as Part of England cakes for years but we are now happy to call them by their real names – Welsh cakes. We’ll pick some up the next time we come to your wonderful country of England.”

Welsh cake makers are delighted to hear the news that their cakes are now to be known by their original names.

Dafydd ap Baker from Dolgellau said:

“Lovely aye.”

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