Welsh nationalists launch campaign to stop English sheep illegally crossing the border into Wales


A Welsh nationalist group has called on the Welsh Assembly to close the Welsh/English border to stop English sheep from illegally entering the country.

Wales First, who patrol the border in their Austin Allegro, say that they powerless to stop ‘toff English sheep’ from pouring into the country.

Wales First Deputy Dilwyn ap Dilwyn told WalesOnCraic:

“We are seeing English sheep crossing our border on a daily basis. They come over here, eat all our grass and even send some back to their friends in England. We’ve got rams coming over here and taking advantage of our friendly ewes and this sort of thing has to stop. We want our borders back. We call on the Assembly to strengthen our borders – the only thing they’ve ever done for me is collect my bins and even then, that sometimes doesn’t work out because I have to put my bins out on a Thursday night and I work in the chip shop till 11pm. There are no buses that time of night so I have to walk home and if it’s raining, I get home wet and stinking of chip fat. My wife hates me.”

A spokeswoman for the Assembly added:

“Wales First? Who are they then?”