VHS reaches Fochriw

VHS has finally made it to Fochriw.

The arrival of the consumer-level analogue video recording equipment is expected to see the arrival of video rental stores such as Blockbusters.

Resident Gladys Jones told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m so excited. I’ve heard about this and it means that I can now tape Songs of Praise on a Sunday night and actually watch it on a Monday morning when I’m not so pissed. My mate Mary said that she knows a man who can do pirate videos but I’m not really into pirates although I’d let Jack Sparrow sit on my face. Not when I’m watching Songs of Praise though.”

Shop owner Terry Dactyl said:

“I’m going to open my own video hire section of the shop and I’ll keep all the filthy stuff under my counter. When all the perverts come in, I’ll offer them a nice selection of titles. I’ll even throw in a bag of popcorn. All under one roof here at Terry’s Corner Shop.”

Image: Evan Amos

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