Welsh farmer publishes Sexy Sheep calendar to raise money for farm


A Welsh farmer has published a Sexy Sheep calendar to help him raise funds for his ailing farm.

Gwyn Grumble from Machynlleth, started selling the calendar down his local pub but it became so popular that he’s had to order a reprint. He told WalesOnCraic:

“I was only looking to make £10 or so but all the boys down The Albert bought a copy so I thought I’d do some more. I put some in the local Post Office and they went like hot cakes so I’ve set up a website to start selling them. So far, I’ve been able to buy a new draining board for the farm house and hopefully, with the money coming it, I’ll be able to buy a new wash basin.”

The calendar has been criticised though. Glenda DoGood from the Welsh Feminist Sheeps Alliance said:

“This is typical of a middle-aged, misogynist farmer who thinks he can pimp out his girls to make a quick buck. I’ll be writing to my local MP about this, whoever he is.”

Gwyn is currently spending ‘quality’ time with Miss August, down at the barn.

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