Proposed Batch Of 50p Shops Set To Hit The Valleys

50p store

Fear for jobs and dull people everywhere in the Valleys!

WalesonCraic have discovered that a batch of 50 pence shops are being ear-marked for opening in the valleys in the coming year. The shops simply called, ‘Never Mind the Poundshops…here are the 50p Shops’ have already spread fear among the community concerning massive jobs cuts for the staff of the thousands of Poundshops that litter every high street in our Valley towns.

A spokesman for the Poundshop of Wales Society told us:

“It’s bad news for everyone, I can see at least a million job cuts…these cheap bastards will ruin it…I can honestly see the day of the 10 pence shop…mark my words…then where the hell will we be? We may as well all move to bloody DERI.”

For no apparent reason we decided to ask a weird bloke from Aberdare to comment. Through a mouth of green decaying teeth, he muttered:

“50 pence shops will be great. I shop for everything in the Poundshop but now I will be able to buy ummm, ummmm, three times more when the 50p shops come.”

WalesonCraic commented that we should have said a very dull as well as weird bloke from Aberdare.

WalesonCraic Poll:-

Should we have 50 pence shops in our towns?

If Yes txt ‘Yes’ to Walesoncraic.

If No, txt:- ‘Fack off mate there’s only a certain amount of shit products that money can buy.’

We will keep you posted. But probably not as we’ve got better things to be doing with our time.

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