Police given powers to taser no-nose maskers

Police in Wales have been given powers to taser anyone not covering their nose with a mask.

Police say that wearing a mask without covering your nose is like wearing a pair of Y-fronts with your knob hanging out the front.

A spokesman for the Welsh Police Association told WalesOnCraic:

“We see it everywhere wew go. I’ve seen so many people walking around with just their mouths covered. It’s like putting on a condom with the end snipped off. We’ve been granted special powers to taser these people and to be quite honest, me and the lads are going to have a bit of a field day tomorrow when the law goes into effect.”

Those also liable for a good tasering are those who wear their masks underneath their chins.

“I saw a woman yesterday who had so many chins that I couldn’t even find her mask. It kind of defeated the object of wearing one.”

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