Newcastle Emlyn woman calls on Scotland to ban UPKILTING


A 24 year old bride from Newcastle Emlyn has called upon Scotland’s First Minister to ban upkilting.

Ffion Minger-MacDonald contacted WalesonCraic’s reporter for the Celtic Regions, Jock Strappe, saying:

“I am pleased to see that upskirting has been banned in the UK, but it does not ban upkilting. It is sexist.”

Ffion went on:

“It was only when Hamish and I were getting married in Edinburgh, did I realise what Scottish women were like, when a man is in a kilt, especially if he is getting married. Hamish is a proud Scot and I met him at the Millennium Stadium when Scotland were playing Wales. He was in his kilt then. I suppose I was as bad, as I was determined to have a look. His shoelaces were undone, so I went down to tie them for him and I had a quick glance up. I suppose it lasted a minute or two. And that was it. Love at first sight.”

Ffion added:

“Well, that was three years ago and fast forward to our wedding day and I was shocked at everyone trying to get a peep up his kilt. Even my Mum, Bronwen, was having a sly look. Even my gay brother, Dafydd, was trying to get a peep. I am have written to Nicola Sturgeon and have asked for equality and demand that upkilting be made illegal and the sentencing and fines mirror those guilty of upskirting.”

WalesonCraic Celtic Regions reporter, Jock Strappe said:

“The Scottish Government is in a quandary. The Scots are proud and the men are expected to go commando under their kilts, but girl power has seen an upsurge in upkilting and the Scottish First Minister has not seen it as a priority to ban upkilting. And there have been calls from the Conservatives opposition leader for the First Minister to resign.”

Ffion said:

“I was greatly offended that women and Dafydd were doing all they could to look at my Hamish’s meat and two veg on our wedding day. They have no shame these days. Upkilting must be banned. Mind you, after a few pints, Hamish was showing everything to everyone, anyway, so I don’t know whether the law should be involved.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish First Minister said:

“It’s only harmless fun and men can get around it by wearing a pair of boxers, so is there a need for a ban?”

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