Man wakes from coma and starts talking like John Bercow


A man from Lampeter has woken after six months in a coma and started talking like the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Darren Dupper was placed into an induced coma in March. There was nothing wrong with him but his wife just wanted some peace and quiet.

His wife Joan told WalesOnCraic:

“His first words were ‘Order, Order! Let the member for West Drayton speak!’. He keeps calling me the Right Honourable Lady, and when I ask him a question, he adds up the ayes to the right and the noes to the left fist. Worst of all, he puts on this ridiculous weird olde-worlde voice like that twat in Parliament.”

Doctors said that the patient who did not wish to be named, but just was in an earlier paragraph, was a bus driver who spoke in fluent Welsh before the accident.

His wife added:

“Now he just sounds like a right stuck-up twat.”

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