Drive-thru’s to install third window where you can complain about the wrong shit they gave you at the second window

Drive thru’s across Wales are to have a third window installed in them where customers can complain about the wrong items they were given at the second window.

It follows news that lazy-arsed workers are just handing out any old shit at the second window.

Penny WobbleArse, Chairwoman of the Drive-Thru Association of Wales told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m sick to the back teeth of pulling my Austin Allegro over in the car park, only to find that they haven’t given me the triple cheese burger that I ordered at the first window. It means that I actually have to get out of my car, walk back to the gaff, wait in the queue with all the other plebs and get my order changed. What kind of country is this world coming to when I can’t even eat the food I’ve ordered. We’ve demanded that all drive-thru’s get a third window installed so that we can moan about the wrong items we’ve been given and it appears that they’ve listened to what we’ve had to say. I just hope that they have enough staff to man the third windows because I’ll go apeshit if they don’t.”

Manager of local drive-thru, Callum Droopydrawers said:

“We don’t get paid enough so we like to just hand out any old crap. It’s our way of making ourselves feel better about our jobs.”

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