Derek Brockway to pursue career in Drum and Bass

Legendary Welsh weatherman Derek Brockway has revealed to WalesOnCraic he doesn’t give a toss about the weather really and would rather pursue his passion as a Drum and Bass DJ.

“Reading the Welsh Weather for BBC news was alright for a while, but over time I just got bored,” said Derek. “What a lot of people don’t really realise is that we just guess most of the time – bit of sun here, bit of rain there, hot down south, warm up north – you can get away with it if you’re vague enough. After I saw snooker star Steve Davies make a name for himself as a techno DJ, I wanted to have a go myself. Turns out I’m not too bad at it and I’ve been asked to play in a few different places across the North East this November and December.”

We asked Derek how he planned on leaving BBC Wales after such a long time reading the weather reports.

“Well I was planning on going out with a big long sweary rant – but after Tomasz Schafernaker got so much stick for that awkward hand gesture a few years ago, I thought better of it. I’m not too sure right now, I might just try and rope Huw Edwards into doing it for a bit, he’s already on the news so chipping in with the weather reports shouldn’t be too much extra work for him.”

If you want to see Derek in his Drum and Bass capacity, look out for ‘DJ High Pressure Coming In Over Coastal Areas’ this winter.

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