Locked Up: The dog who shat in owner’s slipper among these criminals sent to prison this month

These are the faces of some of the criminals to have been sent to prison this month.

They include a dog who shat in his owner’s slipper and a seagull that stole someone’s bag of chips.

Tiddles the Cat

The four year old cat brought a live mouse into its owners home and proceeded to bite its head off in front of terrified children.

Daisy the Cow

The brown heffer decided that she didn’t want Farmer Honey to tickle her tits and kicked him in the face when he bent down to grab them.

Sammy Seagull

Divebombed some old granny and flew off with her bag of chips on Barry Island seafront.

Harry Horse

Tried to cop off with a donkey while she was dating someone else.

Dai Llama

Arrested for being too gorgeous near a farm in Brecon.


Police seized the little yellow fiend for disturbance of the peace.

Rover the Dog

Sent down for shitting in his owner’s slipper and not bothering to tell him when he came home from work.

Roy ‘Big Cock’ the Rooster

Sentenced for being an annoying twat and cock-a-doodle-doing all day every day.

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