Demand by Welsh Women for Downloadable Wine Causes Website to Crash

Demand for downloadable wine from Welsh women has caused a website to crash.

Visitors to were greeted with a message saying that the website had gone offline. Engineers at the site have blamed a huge demand from females in Wales for the website imploding.

Website engineer Danny BoggleEyes told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve always had strong demand from Welsh women but for some reason, we’ve had a huge surge on in the last week or so. We’re not sure if it’s the stress of watching Eastenders live or whether the moon is having an effect on them but the huge demand has caused the site to go tits up. We hope to have it back up and running again soon.”

The site opened in 2011 and allows users to download wine through their internet. Wine is poured into a glass via a USB tap which plugs into the side of the computer.
Wine drinker Linda PurpleTeeth said:

“I fuggin loves it. Some nights, I sits in front of my laptop, rocks up pictures of Richard Stillgoe and gets totally off my tits. I don’t like the site being down as it means I have to drag my sorry arse all the way to the Spar. The kid who works behind the till smells like shit.”

The site is hoping to have online wine back on tap within the next day or so.

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