Husband uses entire cutlery set to make a sandwich


A husband from Maesteg has managed to use his entire drawer of cutlery to make a cheese sandwich.

Graham Smooth, 31, used 17 forks, 23 knives and 9 spoons to make his cheese sandwich.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Things started off quite well when I got home from Kwik Save. I got myself out a plate and some bread and cheese. Before I knew it, I’d managed to empty my cutlery drawer and everything was dirty in the sink. I’m not exactly sure what happened to be honest but I’m considering getting a new set of cutlery as I really can’t be arsed to wash the stuff that’s there. I’m also out of mugs too which is a shame as I was wanting a cup of tea to go with my cheese sarnie. Life’s so hard sometimes.”

Graham’s wife Sophie said:

“The man’s an arsehole. I go in the kitchen to get myself a Wagon Wheel and it looks like Hiroshima. I’m currently on the lookout for a new fella if you know of any. Ta.”

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