Carole Baskin ‘to blame’ for Penscynor closure


A recent investigation by WalesOnCraic has revealed that Carole Baskin was to blame for the closure of Penscynor Wildlife Park near Neath.

It was widely believed that the park closed its doors in 1998 because it was shit. But new evidence has shown that Carole Baskin was behind the closure.

Special reporter Dai Hard told a press conference:

“We were always a bit suspicious about why Penscynor closed its doors so abruptly. Sure, the pelican was a bit of a twat and the Alpine ride wasn’t that good but we were never convinced that the park should close because of that. We always felt that there was something else going on. We started our investigation three years ago and we are happy to announce now that the real culprit behind the closure is none other than Carole Baskin. She has also been responsible for the closure of Barry Zoo and Barry Butlins. She’s just wanted everything shut down. We will be taking the findings of our investigations to the pub when it opens, so we can tell our mates.”

Penscynor Wildlife Park was home to nearly 200 animals, none of whom asked to live there.

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