Authorities concerned about possible ‘Teenwolf Effect’ from lockdown

Authorities have raised concerns about the possible ‘Teenwolf Effect’ that’s been brought on by the lockdown.

Millions of women are at risk of becoming so hirsute that they will resemble the popular 80s movie character within a few weeks.

A spokesman for the Government told WalesOnCraic:

“We are worried. We are very concerned that women aren’t able to get their legs waxed or bikini lines done. We received reports last night of one woman who was so hairy that she was asked to play the role of Cousin It in the latest stage production of the Addams Family. Our experts have predicted that should we have to endure another few weeks of lockdown, many women will resemble Teenwolf. We are not sure how to address this but we will be handing out leaflets, which will be quite nice.”

Phone hotlines have been set up to help women who have become too hairy during the quarantine. Call centre manager Timmy said:

“We’re expecting lots of calls and we’ll tell people to read the leaflets we’re sending out. That’ll help them.”

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