Air passengers to sit on outside of planes to maintain social distancing

Air passengers are to be seated on the outside of planes to help maintain social distancing.

The new rules come into immediate effect following recent trials at Cardiff Airport.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Assembly told WalesOnCraic:

“We are keen to support the air travel industry in these unprecedented times so we’ve taken the unprecedented step of trialling outside seating on planes. Whilst this is unprecedented, we feel that it’s the best way forward to maintain social distancing measures, which we expect to be in place for some time. We trialled our new outside seating plans at Cardiff Airport last week and although some passengers said that they felt cold, only one passenger fell to earth. In these unprecedented times, we feel that this is a risk that we are prepared to take. We are therefore implementing these measures with immediate effect.”

Debbie Hardnips, who took part in the trials said:

“It was a bit cold and I found it hard eating my lunch as it kept flying in my face but if this is what we need to do to get to Ibiza, then that’s what we need to do.”

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