Afan Lido Reserves turned down from football Super League

Welsh football club Afan Lido Reserves have had their application to join the breakaway football Super League officially rejected.

The club was hoping to slip in to fill the void left by Manchester City, who pulled out of the league yesterday.

Jack ‘Jak’ Jackson, who runs the Afan Lido Reserves SuperDoopa Fan Club, told WalesOnCraic:

“We saw this as our chance to get in among the bug boys and earn millions of pounds for not doing very much at the same time. With Man City pulling out, a few of the lads decided it’d be a good idea to see if we could get in. Bazza wrote up an email on his laptop and we sent it off. We wrote it properly – you know – with big words and all that. We also signed it off ‘Yours Faithfully’, which is what I always sign off to my bank manager with when I’m asking him for money.”

Sadly, their application was rejected on the grounds that their pitch was a bit wonky.

“We’re not disheartened. Bazza’s going to take some photos of the pitch and Photoshop the wonky bits so that we can try again.”

The Super League was designed to allow rich people to make more money from poor people.

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