Six Nations 2019 Preview: Scotland

Every day this week, our trainee Sports Reporter Gary TwoSheds will take a look at each of the teams in this year’s Six Nations and assess their chances of success. Today, it’s the turn of Scotland.

Before Italy joined the tournament, Scotland always were mostly a safe bet when it came to grabbing a win.

But then something happened. They started adding a firework display to their pre-match build up and they haven’t looked back since.

Scotland will be blooding some new players this year, so new in fact that I don’t know who they are. But with Gavin Hastings at the helm and brother Scott acting as water boy, Scotland have set high hopes this year.

Their form has risen over the last few years thanks to Stuart Hogg, who has been played at all positions over the last year. Naturally a full-back, Hogg is so good that the coaching staff have tried him out in every position available. His ability to score, even when he’s not playing, still continues to impress.

Up front, there’s that big tall fella – he’s pretty good. I forget his name but my missis likes him for some reason. Not having him come to tea though. He’d eat all the sausage rolls.