Neath Man Arrested After Caravan/Wind Farm Drugs Haul

Police have arrested a 27 year old man from Neath after discovering a caravan full of cannabis whose production was powered by the local wind farm.

Royston Williams from Skewen had set up his caravan in a field close to a number of wind farms near Banwen. He then buried a copper cable underground to siphon off the power coming from a wind turbine. Connecting it up to his caravan, there was enough power to grow 6 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of £4,000.

Police were first alerted to the scam after a member of public smelt a strange whiff coming from the woods and went to investigate with his dog.

Peter Davies who discovered the haul told WalesOnCraic:

“I noticed the caravan and I thought it was security but there was a strange smell coming from it so me and the dog went up for a walk one day and I looked through the windows and noticed all the plants. I had a lovely time up there. I felt so happy but now I need some Monster Munch.”

A Police spokesperson said:

“Stealing electricity from a wind turbine is a new one to us, but growing cannabis is a lucrative business and with the soaring cost of electricity these people need to find new and inventive ways of stealing it. Fair doos. This lad was pretty clever. Wish I’d thought of it myself like.”

Mr. Williams will appear before magistrates on 13th February charged with producing a controlled drug, dishonestly abstracting a quantity of electricity from a wind turbine, criminal damage and for being a clever swine.

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