By Trainee Sports Reporter Gary TwoSheds

Wales will be playing Belgium at the Cardiff City Stadium. They’ll be playing a game of football.

Wales will come into this match as the home team while Belgium will play the role of visitors.

Wales will be wanting to win this game. As will Belgium.

Wales have picked their best players available for the game. As have Belgium.

It’s likely that it will be pissing down when they play the game of football so expect lots of rain.

Welsh manager Chris Coleman has told WalesOnCraic:

“Obviously, we’ll be looking for the win and obviously, we hope to win.”

The Belgian manager, I can’t remember his name, said something similar. But in Belgian or whatever they speak.

The two teams will play for 90 minutes, swapping halves at half time. It’s likely that they will have oranges at half time.

Welsh football supporters are likely to wear red for this game. As will the Belgians.

Belgium only have one famous Belgian person and I can’t remember his name.

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