A470 road workers complete 3 month mannequin challenge

Road workers on the A470 have completed a record-breaking three month mannequin challenge.

Some workers sat motionless in their digger cabs while others stood looking at their mobile phones for more than 12 weeks.

One worker told WalesOnCraic:

“We were miles ahead of the competition by miles. We started the mannequin challenge 3 months ago when I was nominated by some dickhead on Facebook. I told all my butties on the job that I was doing it so they all thought they’d join in with me. We stood around in our places 3 months ago and stayed exactly where were were then for 3 months innit?”

One road user said:

“There was one guy in particular who was stood perfectly motionless with his phone in his hand. I had to pull over and poke him to see if he was real. He was real because he’d just eaten a packet of Monster Munch and I could smell the pickled onion flavour on him.”

Road workers across Wales have been taking on the mannequin challenge which has no benefit whatsoever.

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