Cardiff Council’s £30k Christmas tree finally arrives – and it looks like a giant butt plug

Cardiff Council’s new Christmas tree has finally arrived from China but critics are already likening its appearance to a giant butt plug.

The Council decided to ‘hire’ a fake tree following a complaint that last year’s real tree was a little lopsided.

A spokesman said:

“We love to waste money. If we’re not busy building bus lanes that helps people crash into each other, we like to spend £30k on a pretend tree to make the person who complained last year happy. We’ve brought this new tree in and while it’s true that it does have the appearance of a giant butt plug, it does not mean that easy women and a certain amount of lads can go sitting on it. Our tree is for all people to enjoy and best of all – it’s symmetrical all the way around.”

Fiona Largeflaps from Newport said:

“I’ve got one of these at home in my bottom drawer. I won’t be sticking flashing lights on it mind so I’m not sure what the Council have in mind.”

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