Chris Waddle’s 1990 penalty miss visible with the naked eye tonight

Chris ‘Chris’ Waddle’s infamous penalty miss from the 1990 World Cup will be visible with the naked eye with tonight’s supermoon.

England’s Waddle missed the goal and sent the ball on a journey to the moon during a penalty shootout with West Germany.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It’ll be nice to see the ball again because the last I saw of it was when it went sailing out of the stadium and up into a lunar orbit. It all happened such a long time ago now but every time I’m heading down to Kwik Save to get some fags, I always get some arsehole asking if I got my ball back.”

Tonight’s supermoon means that the moon will only be about 5 miles away from the surface of the earth.

Astronomer Billy BigEyes said:

“As long as we have good weather, we’ll be able to see all sorts up there.”

You can spot Waddle’s penalty miss any time between 7pm and 7am tomorrow morning.

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