Bread of Heaven banned at World Cup for glorifying gluten intolerance

Popular song Bread of Heaven has been banned from this year’s World Cup games because the lyrics glorify gluten intolerance.

‘Feed me ’til I want no more’, also breeds obesity and gluttony, according to authorities.

A spokesman for the Banning Things Committee at the Welsh government told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve noticed that people tend to eat a lot more bread after they have either sung or heard the song, Bread of Heaven. Bread is low in nutrition and can be classed a filler – empty calories if you like. We’ve therefore decided to ban this song so that people won’t experience gluten intolerance issues and it will also help the nation’s waistline.”

Bread of Heaven is one of several songs banned at the rugby tournament this year, following complaints that they aren’t ethically suitable. Supporters will also need to seek written permission from the government before shouting obsecinities at the opposing team’s players this year.

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