Wales gift Armenia win ‘to give Group D a false sense of security’

The men’s Welsh football team deliberately handed Armenia a win on home soil to ‘provide their other Group D opponents a false sense of security’, according to a Welsh armchair coach.

Armenia has also been struck of Wales’s Christmas card this year though, after having the cheek to defeat Wales by more goals than Wales were wanting.

Armchair Coach Dai ‘Hard’ Wabbers told WalesOnCraic:

“It was all in the plan. We was going to give Armenia a 1-0 win so that they could take the points and we’d look like we was shit. Sadly, the Armenian boys didn’t get the memo and took us to town with a 4-2 drubbing. As a result, the Welsh lads have taken Armenia off their Christmas card list this year for not winning by as less as we wanted. If that makes sense. Which it doesn’t because I often talk bollocks.”

Wales were thoroughly beaten by a team 71 places below them in the world rankings.

“It’ll be ok,” said Wabbers. “I understand that Bale is ready to come out of retirement if needed.”

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