Warning not to leave doggers in hot cars

The government has issued a warning for people to not leave doggers in hot cars.

The warning was given after one dogger was found panting and sweating after just 10 minutes in a parked car in Bedwas.

A spokesman for some official-sounding group told WalesOnCraic:

“Every year, we have to say the same thing to the daft people who continue to leave doggers in hot cars. The interior of a car can reach 5,000 degrees, even with the windows open. Yesterday, we went looking and found one dogger in a car who had only been in there for 10 minutes and she was so out of breath that we had to open the door and take a good look at what was going on. She was very grateful of the attention we gave her and some of the lads who were stood around showed their appreciation.”

Martin Tightjeans, who wanted to remain anonymous said:

“I often come around here and I’m always finding hot doggers in cars. I mean doggers in hot cars.”

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