Kitchen roll reaches £3 a roll on the black market


Kitchen roll has reached £3 a roll on the black market for the first time.

The news comes as shoppers have been taking out payday loans to buy their usual kitchen paper from the shops.

One shopper told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve had to stop buying kitchen roll from the shops because I’ve maxed out on all my credit cards buying it. Dave down the pub has said that he can get his hands on some for £3 a roll, which is still expensive but it’s better than paying full whack for it. At one point a few months back, it was either eating or buying kitchen roll so we didn’t eat for a few weeks. I then thought I’d be clever and use toilet roll instead but it doesn’t have the absorption rate of kitchen roll and we were left with bits of toilet roll all over our worktops. It was a disaster.”

Prices of kitchen roll have reached epic proportions, with one four pack recently recorded on sale for £50. Manufacturers blame the weather for the price increases, saying that farmers have been unable to grow kitchen rolls in great quantities because of the weather in Spain.

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