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Walking Dead film crew mistake Aberdare for film set

The crew thought filming had started without them


A film crew for hit TV show Walking Dead have mistaken a South Wales town as a set for their next filming shoot.

Two cameramen and a sound engineer turned up on Aberdare’s High Street and were convinced that zombie actors had already started the action without them.

Cameraman Dan BigEye told WalesOnCraic:

“We was driving along in our car, looking for a place to park when Steve, our other cameraman pointed out that there were lots of people walking around looking half-dead. I told him that they were probably doing a rehearsal or something so we parked up sharpish and jumped out, ready to start filming.

“It was only when we saw that these ‘zombies’ were in fact, drinking pints outside Wetherspoons, that we realised that we were in fact, in the wrong place altogether.”

The trio of TV techies eventually found the set where they were supposed to be filming – but not before trying out a Wetherspoons breakfast.

“I had a huge brekkie for just under a fiver. And it was only 89p for a coffee refill. I’m going back there in the morning.” said BigEye.

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