Wales Weather: Wednesday 4 July

Your daily weather forecast for Wales

Brighter and warmer than the last few days with big shiny blobs of sunshine dappled around the place. Like a night out after a curry, winds will pick up as the day goes on and there will be some cloud and rain sneaking into the far southwest by teatime. Maximum temperature 20°C.

Down on farm, Farmer and Mrs Honey have been very quiet about who they are supporting at this election. Mrs Honey said she’d quite like to sit on Keir Starmer’s face so she’s voted Labour whereas Farmer Honey was impressed with Penny Mordaunt’s excellent outing at the Queen’s funeral. So he’s sticking with the Conservatives.

Dolly and I aren’t allowed to vote due to the fact that we are sheep. We will be writing a letter of complaint about this to whoever gets in.

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