Zebra accidentally scanned as it passed supermarket self-service till

A zebra has been accidentally scanned in a supermarket as it made its way out to the exit.

The zebra had popped into its local Kwik Save to pick up some Skol but was accidentally scanned as it made its way out of the shop.

The zebra told WalesOnCraic:

“I thought I’d pop to the shop to pick up some Skol for the rugby this weekend. They had a good deal going on so I picked up two slabs and headed to the checkout. I was served by a lovely girl who asked me about what I was up to on the weekend. I packed up my beer and headed out towards the exit but as I passed the self-service checkouts, there was a ‘boop’ noise and I felt an electric tingle go right through to my bollocks. Before I knew it, the security guard had pounced on me and pinned me to the floor. It was a few minutes before he’d realised that I’d been scanned at the till. Apparently I came up as £6.99.”

Shop manager Harry Halfhead said:

“We had an incident yesterday at the self-service checkout where we had a zebra accidentally scanned. Our security was quick to respond, if perhaps a bit overzealous but we couldn’t take any chances. We offered the zebra a bag of Revels as a gesture of goodwill and he was happy with that.”

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