Young, Welsh and Pretty Shit to air next week

A valleys-based TV show called Young, Welsh and Pretty Shit is to air on national TV next week.

The show, which follows the fortunes of a group of Tango roiders, will screen on ITV4+3.

Producer Derek Dingbat told WalesOnCraic:

“The subculture that exists in the South Wales valleys is a very prominent and a very orange one. Since the closure of the mines, people have lost a sense of community, of pride, and self-respect. Long gone are the hard-nosed Welsh miners who’d graft from 6am to 6pm underground. These days, the valleys are full of commandos who roam the streets looking for their next fix of Ambre Solaire. We wanted to celebrate this wonderful group so we approached TV networks, told them that we could make it for next to nothing and we got snapped up.”

Star of the show, roider Jimmy ‘BlueEyes’ Jones said:

“Yeah, well, obviously, innit butt?”

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