XR3i Escort drivers worried at proposed 80mph M4 speed limits as they can only reach 76mph

XR3i Escort drivers from across Wales have raised concerns about the new proposed 80mph speed limits for the M4.

The Ford owners are worried that they won’t be able to reach the new speed limit as the weight of the whalefin spoilers weighs their cars down and stops them travelling at more than 76mph.

One owner said:

“I’m a bit worried that I’ll be shown up, to be honest. My car looks like it might go very fast but between me and you, I can only get to 76mph tops. After that, it all starts shaking and the fluffy dice hanging from my mirror falls off. I think we need to have a proper, balanced debate about the national speed limits and then decide that we’re ok at 70.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives, who have proposed the idea told WalesOnCraic:

“We want to go as fast as we can in our big posh cars. Why should we have to travel at the same speed as all the peasants in their hatchbacks? We want 80!”

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