World’s Luckiest Man Wins Ford Mondeo After Scratching Off Scab From Forehead

A Cardiff man dubbed ‘The World’s Luckiest Man’ has won a Ford Mondeo after scratching off a scab on his forehead.

Simon LuckyBalls, from Splott, won the new car last night while watching Masterchef.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I was just sat there, trying to figure out where Gregg’s hairline would have been if he had hair, when I just started picking my scab. I got the scab after my son Troy twatted me across the head with his Fisher Price toy. The next thing I know, I find out that I’ve won a Ford Mondeo. It’s perfect timing for me as my Nissan Sunny is shagged.”

Simon will pick up his new car on Monday.

“I just can’t stop winning things. I answered the phone this morning and won a holiday to Santorini and just last week, I found out that I had been randomly selected for a Reader’s Digest Draw. You’re actually looking at someone who’s going through to Round Two.”

Simon plans to park his new Ford Mondeo on his drive.

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