World Gin Day just an excuse to get totally arseholed

World Gin Day has been dubbed as just an excuse to get arseholed.

The international event will see people all over the world getting arseholed on the popular tipple.

One of the event’s organisers told WalesOnCraic:

“Gin has come full circle since the days of William Hogarth, whose images depicted that of people getting totally shit-faced across Britain. The drink is now back in the popular realm and we are delighted to see people getting totally wankered just like they did back in the 1700s. World Gin Day will allow people from any country to neck as much gin as they can. We are fully expecting to see people falling over, shagging, laughing and most of all, crying. As we all know, gin is a depressive but after the events of last night, people will want to let their hair down and have a good blow out.”

But one critic said that it was all just an excuse to get shit-faced:

“Most of us need an excuse to get bladdered and this event provides just that. I for one, will not be taking part in this piss-a-thon. It’s bad for your health, your wallet and relationships. Hardcore drugs are the way to go and we all know that.”

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