Workmen Continue To Dig Up Welsh Roads To Reinstate Them As They Were Before They Started Digging

Workers are continuing to dig up Welsh roads for months at a time, and then restore them to the state they were in before they started working on them.

Many major roads have been affected, including some main trunk roads in Cardiff.

Road digger Jonny HalfArse told WalesOnCraic:

“Yeah we just come out with some cones, dig the shit out of the road and then put them back as they were before we started digging them up. It gives us something to do with our days. If we didn’t have roads to dig up, you’d find that we’d all be out of jobs and digging up something else instead.”

But motorists have been reacting with fury at the roadworks.

Mark RedFace told WalesOnCraic:

“I tooted at one of the workmen yesterday. He was just sat in his JCB eating a sandwich. He gave me the Vs which made me even more angry. I was going to drive my Clio at him but then I remembered that he was sat in a JCB. It’s all very frustrating.”

Roadworks are set to continue for the rest of the year while the workmen put the roads back as they were before they started digging them.

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