Woman’s nose goes missing after applying too many filters

Police are tonight searching for a woman’s nose after it went missing from a photo.

The nose belonging to Tina Saggybags disappeared after she applied 300 different filters to her photo.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I can’t speak right now. I’m in shock. One minute, my nose is there, the next – there it was – gone. I was trying to take a nice photo to put on Facebook and because I’m an ugly bint, I thought I’d use some filters. Seven hours later and I was happy with the outcome but it was only when friends started pointing out the obvious that I noticed. I called the police straight away because I like to waste their time. I’m currently in watching Corrie while they’re out looking for my nose.”

Police have asked the public to help them in the search for Tina’s nose.

“We would encourage anyone who has seen Tina’s nose to contact us please.” Asked how Tina was going to smell, the policeman replied:

“Depends what perfume’s shes got on.” He has since been discharged from his job.

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