Woman vows never to speak again after hearing own voice on a video

A woman from Rhyl has vowed never to speak again after hearing her own voice on a video recording.

Sheila LargeBuns was filmed playing with her dog by a friend who uploaded the video to social media.

Sheila’s husband told WalesOnCraic:

“She’s not speaking this morning but the last thing she told me before she took on this vow of silence was that she didn’t think she sounded like that in real life. Obviously, I’ve known all my life that she sounds like a cat on drugs, but I think it’s only just hit home to her. It’s going to be wonderful with her not speaking because she won’t be able to remind me that I haven’t wiped down the surfaces in the kitchen, or wiped around the bin like she always does. I’m happy.”

Sheila’s neighbour, who made the recording added:

“I’m happy too. It means she can stop moaning about my cat shitting in her garden now. It’s a blessing.”

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