Woman visit Home Bargains and buys what she went in for


A woman from Cardiff has visited Home Bargains and came out with what she went in for.

Carolyn Butterballs went into the Llanishen store for three tins of soup – and came out with three tins of soup.

One eyewitness told WalesOnCraic:

“I don’t know how she did it. I only popped in for a new hair dye but I came away with a new patio set, seventeen tubs of paint and a 7ft giraffe that I’m going to put in my front garden. The woman next to me only came in to look for her husband and came out with 5 trolleys full of household cleaning products. When we saw Carolyn at the till, we thought that she must have her husband waiting in the wings with a full trolley. But no. She paid for her three tins of soup and went home. We all stood there agog.”

Cashier Jordan Overbelly added:

“It only came to £2.40 and I was half-expecting her to say she wanted three chest of drawers. But fair play to her, she paid for her soups and left. We had to play it back on CCTV after to make sure.”

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