Woman uses George Foreman grill 7 years after buying it

A woman from Hengoed has used her George Foreman grill 7 years after buying it.

Jenny Cankles had been using the grill to prop up a set of drawers since 2010.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve effectively been using this grill for the last 7 years but not as George intended. The leg fell off my set of drawers so I used the grill to prop it up. It’s been there for pigging years. But last night, I was watching Masterchef and it got me thinking about a nice cheese and ham toasties. I got Eric, my fella to take it out of its box and put it on. It smelt a bit to be honest. I think it was the dust getting burnt off.”

Eric said:

“The toastie was shit. I gave it to the dog and even she turned her nose up at it. George Foreman should have stuck to boxing.”

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