Woman stores loaf of bread in bread bin

A woman from Aberdare has stored a loaf of bread in her bread bin.

Gladys Wonderthighs usually stores her bread on top of her bin, but took the unusual step of storing it in the bin yesterday.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“My mother bought me this bread bin when we moved into the house. At the time, I thought it looked lovely but when we put it in the kitchen, it looked shit. We’ve kept it there to keep my mother happy and whenever I comes home from Kwik Save with more bread, I stores it on top of the bread bin. The bin has actually been empty for some time. I usually think that it’s too much effort to go taking the lid off like that every time.”

But yesterday, Gladys took the decision to actually store her bread in the bread bin.

“It was like a switch went off in my head. I thought it was a bonkers idea but my kitchen now looks less cluttered and I feel that my bread has retained some of its freshness. It’s possible that I’ll start keeping my bread in there from now on.”

Gladys’s mother, also called Gladys, said:

“That cost me £3 from Home Bargains. I’m glad to see it finally being used the way it was designed for in the first place.”

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